Government Affairs

Paul Herrera
Government Affairs Director

In mid May, TIGAR leaders joined thousands of colleagues from across the country in Washington DC for Midyear Meetings. The annual event includes meetings with most members of the U.S. Congress and Senate to press issues critical to homeownership and organized real estate.

National Flood Insurance Update – Congress Hits 3-month ‘Snooze’ Button

With the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) scheduled to lapse at the end of September and a slew of other critical deadlines facing a similar timeline, Congress agreed to a short-term, three-month extension to allow work to continue through the fall.

That resets the countdown clock on the critical program that allows mortgages on millions of homes that exist in 100-year flood zones across the U.S. The National Association of REALTORS® is seeking passage of a new, five-year reauthorization of the program. NAR worked with Congress and many stakeholders to forge agreement on improvements and reforms to the NFIP as part of the reauthorization plan this summer.

For REALTORS®, this means we should plan to again communicate the importance of reauthorizing the NFIP as the new deadline approaches in December.

New Real Estate Advertising Guide Available

Beginning in January, REALTORS® will advertise under new rules adopted by legislation in 2015. The rules are part of a REALTOR®- backed law designed to simplify advertising and marketing rules across various mediums used by real estate businesses.

C.A.R. worked closely with the Bureau of Real Estate and lawmakers to craft rules designed for clarity and to support the goal of giving consumers the information they need about licensees.

To help with the transition, C.A.R. has created an extensive online guide detailing the changes and how to stay in compliance come 2018. The resource page is online at You will need to log in to the C.A.R. website to access the materials, which include detailed information, images and more.


Support our Mission, Support the REALTOR Party

The most important thing each member can do to support our government affairs work is to stay informed and help spread the word on important issues to your colleagues, clients, friends and neighbors. Nothing is more important than your time, including the time you devote to making your voice heard at the ballot box each election day.

However, our work is also backed by the generous support of members who understand the importance of our advocacy mission.

In 2017, we hope that all TIGAR members will consider making a voluntary contribution of $49 or more with their membership renewal to support the REALTOR® Party and our efforts to protect and promote the American Dream of Homeownership.

You can make a contribution as you renew your membership – or anytime by going to

Questions? Comments? You can reach Paul Herrera, Government Affairs Director, at or on his cell phone at 951-500-1222.